Mind-Blowing Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Before and After Results in Just 3 Days!

April 28, 2022

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There are many kitchen cabinet refacing before and after pictures, but none that match our results. And, how many have been done in just three days? Not many, and those that have, probably charge way too much anyway and fall outside most people's budgets.

Those are just some of the problems people face nowadays when looking for kitchen cabinet refacing services, but they aren't by far the only ones.

The Reality of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Some people look for kitchen cabinet refacing services because their kitchen cabinets are in desperate need of repairs due to water damage, wear, or other common issues.

Others look for kitchen cabinet refacing services because they want their kitchen to look more modern and bring light into one of the most used spaces in their homes.

For both, these are the most common problems they face when looking to reface their kitchen cabinets:
  • Budget: Cabinet refacing costs 30% to 50% less than a custom cabinet replacement, according to Angi (previously Angie's list). Even so, most people find that refacing their kitchen cabinets falls out of their budget. According to HomeServe, most homeowners spend around $9,238 on refacing cabinets.

    Finding a company that provides high-quality kitchen cabinet refacing services at an affordable price is a struggle every homeowner goes through.

    And it's why Cabinet Reface Direct decided to address this problem by offering budget-friendly cabinet refacing services with a further $500 mega discount on all its full kitchen cabinet refacing jobs.

  • Communication: Most companies will provide you with options and catalogs over the phone or on their home page to choose the veneer and style you like best.

    However, not all styles and veneers are suitable for all kitchens, and what you see online often is not exactly how it looks in person.

    To address this problem, Cabinet Reface Direct visits your home to evaluate your kitchen and your needs and brings samples for you to see precisely how your refaced kitchen cabinets will look.

    Then, we'll provide you with a comprehensive in-home estimate plus the mega discount mentioned above.

  • Poor quality materials: Most refacing companies are not manufacturer direct and can't guarantee you'll get the best materials for your kitchen. When this happens, you might notice that your newly refaced kitchen starts showing signs of wear sooner than it should.

    Cabinet Reface Direct works with high-quality materials manufactured in New York. We are manufacturer direct and therefore can guarantee the materials used to reface your kitchen are of the highest quality and will hold on through the regular use homeowners give to their kitchens.
Our company has worked hard with our owners, who have over 30 years of combined experience, to bring homeowners in New York the best kitchen cabinet refacing services.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Before and After Results Showing an Old Kitchen Turned New
We make the process smooth and straightforward and deliver mind-blowing results like the ones in the before and after pictures in just three days!

How Did We Reface Those Kitchen Cabinets in Just 3 Days?

Our kitchen cabinet refacing process is simple; these are the steps we follow on any kitchen cabinet refacing job to ensure mind-blowing results:
  • Step 1: We remove kitchen cabinets' doors, drawers, and fronts.

  • Step 2: We use sandpaper and a degreaser to allow for solid adhesion of the refacing.

  • Step 3: We cover the cabinet's faces with a matching veneer. We use a strong adhesive and further secure it with small pin nails.

  • Step 4: We add new hinges or re-use the ones the client already has if they are in good shape, and install new doors and drawer fronts.

  • Step 5: We conduct the final inspection with the client to ensure everything is to their liking. If there are any issues, the installer will be able to address them.

What Does Our Schedule Look Like To Complete This Process?

We can go through this process and give you the kitchen of your dreams in just three days! This is how our schedule would look:
  • Day 1: We remove parts and prepare new cabinets.

  • Day 2: Boxes are finished, new drawer fronts are assembled, and doors are hung.

  • Day 3: Door adjustments, applying finishing touches such as cabinet hardware and clean-up.
Simple and easy.

Refacing your kitchen cabinets has more benefits than just saving time and money. It's also a great way to prevent waste while replacing your old cabinets with their newer, high-quality modern versions.

To see how much money you will be saving by choosing to reface your kitchen cabinets with Cabinet Reface Direct, don't hesitate to call us at 877-673-3223 or fill out the form in the contact us section.

You can be our next mind-blowing kitchen cabinet refacing before and after story. The time to get your dream kitchen is now!

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